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The Grayson Lakes subdivision was established in 2003 and is home to 530 households.  There are four lakes with 17 fountains and 30 acres of green space that is home to several varieties of waterfowl, fish and turtles.

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A request from Katy ISD

The Katy ISD transportation department has contacted Crest Management to ask all Grayson Lakes residents to kindly trim their trees throughout the neighborhood to ensure the branches are high and unobstructive.  The school busses driving through the neighborhood are experiencing difficulty in having a clear passage on many of the Grayson Lakes streets because the trees have become overgrown and hang too low.

We appreciate your attention to this situation as we wanted to let everyone know prior to upcoming inspections.

Boy Scout Troop 73 Flag Service

Need a flag for your yard? 
Please complete this form or contact
Shelby Bacak, Troop 73 Flag Committee Chair at shelby.bacak@me.com 

Mark your calendars!
The Annual Homeowners meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 20th at Crest Management, 17171 Park Row, Suite 310 at 7:00PM. 

The 2018 budget will be approved as well as other items of interest to Grayson Lakes residents.  We need at least 53 homes represented to have a quorum.

The Grayson Lakes Pool is now open! The pool has undergone major repairs and updating including a complete re-plastering, a new flagstone beach entry, replacement of cracked coping and a new painted finish
to the entire decking.  

All residents are encouraged to enjoy the pool!  The events committee will be planning special events poolside!  

Pool rules are posted in several locations at the pool.  Please remember, our pool is unattended, be respectful of the facility and the pool furniture, and children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The pool is closed on Mondays for chemical treatments.

Grayson Lakes Residents with pool cards

If you have a pool card in your possession, please take a photo of the card number and send this picture along with your name, address and an active email to pam.hummel@crest-management.com.  Your current card will be reactivated and you will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours.  This is a simple and quick process!


Grayson Lakes Residents without pool cards
If you do NOT have a pool card, please visit  Crest Management during regular business hours Monday-Friday 9a-5p.  Please note that Crest is closed for lunch on Fridays noon-1p. If you have any questions, please contact Pam Hummel at 281-945-4661 or pam.hummel@crest-management.com.

No cards will be sent through mail.


Tennis courts are locked

As of March 20, the Grayson Lakes tennis courts are now locked, but accessible to all residents over 18 yrs. and in good standing.

Unfortunately, there have been repeated incidents reported of inappropriate use of the courts and damage has been done to the facilities.
These types of additional costs can impact annual dues, so we encourage all resident tennis players to assist with this simple security procedure.

The association has had repairs and new equipment installed during March, please help keep it clean and in good condition for all! This amenity is for the enjoyment of residents and their accompanied guests.
After using the courts, it's important you lock up!

You may call Crest Management at 281-945-4632 to receive the access code.

Please do not feed the ducks that live on and around our lakes.  It causes problems for the ducks as well as for the residents that live near the feeding areas!

Check out this video for more information on why feeding the ducks is harmful.

Please don't feed the ducks! Tips from a wildlife biologist

A Public Safety Message from
Deputy Singh:

Please remember to lock your car doors and report any break-ins as soon as discovered. 

Please report any suspicious activity or traffic violations to the FBCSO Dispatch at

For your safety please remember that the land along Buffalo Bayou is privately owned and is not connected to Grayson Lakes.
Anyone caught on this land will be considered trespassing.

Wondering when our Ft. Bend Roads will be expanded to accommodate more traffic?  Check out Ft. Bend Mobility Project information.

Your help is needed!

All of our committees need members!


Lake & Irrigation
Safety & Security

Contact Karen at Crest for more info!

The Grayson Lakes Volunteer of the Month for April, May, June and July go to ALL of our Events Committee Coordinators who organize the activities we enjoy in Grayson Lakes throughout the year! 
We also want to recognize the many dedicated neighbor friends who help the coordinators with the various events - you are very much appreciated, too!

Thank you Events Committee Coordinators and members!

Becca Patterson, Committee Chair for over ten years now!
Melissa Simmons, Easter Eggstravaganza, July 4th Parade & Splash Day, Dive-In Movie night and Holiday Decorating Contest
Kara Chaumont, July 4th Parade & Splash Day
Donna Medeiros, High School Volunteers
Pam  Alloway-Muller, Holiday Boat Parade
Tricia Rose, Spring & Fall Garage Sale
Ashley Thompson, Holiday Event with Santa
Donicia Whitman, Food Truck Friday

Have an idea for a community event?  Let us know at events@graysonlakesliving.com

If you have an hour or two to volunteer, please call Crest Management!  We have neighborhood projects that will fit your interests and time.



Check out Crest's new website!  You can now submit ARC requests, sign up for email alerts, and pay assessments online!

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Crest Management Company
17171 Park Row, Suite 310
Houston, Texas 77084

(email 1st or call)
Karen Janczak,
(281) 579-0761
 (281) 579-7062

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